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Thursday, July 2, 2009

All I really want is.....

A BAR CART! Also, known as a tea cart. I love them, and they are coming up everywhere. They are so glamour. What could be more fun? To have a fun party and invite your favorite friends, and have a glamorous spread of beautiful decanters, wine glasses, tumblers, shot glasses, all arranged perfectly on your glam-o cart!

Also, these bar carts can be used for other things when you aren't entertaining - like a sideboard in your living room, a foyer table, a side table in the living room.... Be creative.

Here are some I thought were awesome.

This one is from eBay and I love this one!! How glam is that gold with the faux croc?!


From eBay!

Another eBay-er. This one isn't necessarily my favorite - but it's $59.99 - and if you paint this in a high-gloss, it could be really snazzy!


So Bauhaus!

From eBay and super girly glam!


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