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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cool people must live in these rooms.

Right now I have a ton of pics saved on my computer of really cool rooms, that have amazing layering, texture... all with that bohemian vibe, livable yet really cool and interesting feel. I just imagine really creative people residing in these spaces.
This one above is from Lonny Magazine. I love the coffee table, the lucite chairs, the zebra benches, the bikini clad painting - it just all works!

The image above is from Metropolitan Home. The chair and flokati rug are amazing - but its that piece of art with that floral arrangement that caught my eye.
The image above is from Gorgeous Shiny Things, and I just love the color story here. That chair is awesome. I am not a huge fan of starbursts - but this one is pretty amazing.


So... Tell me... What do you think?