Monday, April 27, 2009

The Antique Mall (America's Best Secret)

All over the United States are thousands of Antique Malls filled to the brim with antiques, vintage finds, rare pieces, and a little bit of junk. But you never know, someone's trash could be your treasure.

Antique Malls are usually broken down into mini shops with many different dealers inside (like a shop-in-shop). Some have 10 dealers, others have over 200. You never know what you are going to find, and that's the beauty of it. There could be one dealer who focuses on mid-century modern and has funky pitchers, swag lamps, and Eames furniture. Another dealer could specialize in depression glass and antique china. Or you may have a dealer who has a mish-mosh of stuff where you have a hunch your jewel is there.

1.Google "Antique Malls" in your city (and bordering cities) and find out their hours and how many dealers they have. - The larger, the better because there will be more for you to look thru.
2. Ask if there are any sales going on, or when do they generally have their sales.
3. Make a list of things that you are looking for before you go so that you are not overwhelmed - ie: Tray to go on dining table, lamps to go in guest room, accessories for....
4. If you know specifically what you are looking for, ask the people that work there to help you. Sometimes there is so much to look at, it can get overwhelming. And the sales associate might be able to lead you into the right direction.
5. Don't forget that a sewing machine or quick paint job or a new frame can make all the difference in your fantastic find - so don't be afraid if you love something but need to alter it.
(Poplar Antiques - Memphis, TN) Love this desk = a little pricey, but an amazing find in Memphis, TN. This would be gorgeous in a foyer as your entry piece. So rich!
(Grandma Darlings Antique Mall - Long Beach, CA)
( Antique Mall of Summerland, California) I adored these lamps - they are a pair from the 1940s. I loved the frosted, milky grey/green background with the chic gold dots. This screams glam all across the boards. The pair was $100. Whomever picks these up -- scored!

(Grandma Darling's Antique Mall - Long Beach, CA.) They have exceptional prices on their vintage glass from Viking, Blenko and copies from the time period.

Elan Collection - Long Beach, CA

(Grandma Darlings Antique Mall - Long Beach, CA) This lamp is pretty damn cool - very retro feeling with gold accents. The price was perfect too - $50!

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  1. The ultimate in being economically savvy and environmentally responsible- Reuse is a great way to recycle and reinvent at the same time. Really. ;)Sonu


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