Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sara Baldwin Tiles - Part II

Ok, So I know I blogged yesterday about Sara Baldwin's Tile - and my euphoric dream of an unbelievable bathroom.... my own personal spa, but I didn't really show enough - I just showed one example -- Sara Baldwin's company designs the most stunning tiles I think I have ever seen. (Sorry Bisazza....) So, Thank you to Sara Baldwin's blog - where I took these images from.

Check out her site I am sort of obsessed with these tiles.

So cheery and summery. How could you ever have a gloomy day with these tiles around?

Very cool grays.

Tortoise Shell lovely!

How unbelievably amazing would these black and white tiles be as the backdrop for a super-fabulous kitchen that has lots of hi-tech stainless steel appliances.

Lush green.

How fluid is this? It reminds me of the ocean.


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