Friday, July 31, 2009

Soft Palettes for Lovely Bedrooms.

Growing up, my parents made a rule with me - there would be no arguing in my bedroom. If I got in trouble - we tried to keep it out my room - and into a more neutral zone. I liked this, it didn't taint the room. So, with that - your bedroom should be the place of serene rest and relaxation. No bill paying, or having a snack.

Here are a few rooms that have soft color palettes and a soothing vibe, gorgeous bedding, and wonderful details.

Beautiful wallpaper, and lovely bedding.
Love this bed. So glamorous.

The details in this room are great. The stunning bed, the neat side chair, the floral rug, the fun lamp. It all goes. It's classic, meets a little funk, and soft coloring.

I love, love, love this room. The bed is absolutely gorgeous. And same goes with that bench. My question is - where are the actual pillows that this person uses to sleep on!? Just kidding!


  1. I'm seeing the green and pink room a lot these days and it's totally making me rethink my whole house design. LOVE


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