Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That Black and White Striped Rug....

You see this black and white rug, below? I keep running into it. First, I saw it with Nate Berkus last year on the cover of House Beautiful, then I saw one at Ikea, and then finally; the lowest image below. Its quite an interesting piece that plays a little trick with you. It's more than just a traditional striped rug, it has an edge.

I also like that this rug can act as a neutral, yet completely play the part of front and center. This rug will be easier to use then you expect, and also will match a ton! This is an easy one as well as a bargain. Double Wammy! www.ikea.com
www.nateberkus.com I originally fell in love with this room for those gold bamboo chairs. But, then the whole thing just called to me and I adore the whole feel.

Super dramatic with the black and white stripe and the cheetah bench. This screams Hollywood to me.


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