Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Shoe Issue

This is a little random... but, I'll go with it. I am not a shoe person. GASP! I have worked in the fashion industry for several years, but shoes just aren't my thing. Dresses, purses, jewelry, shorts...that's my thing! I have a good reason though: I have foot problems (I've already had 2 surgeries), so Italian designer shoes KILL my feet. So many shoes aren't an option because they are so narrow. I have the most stunning pair of Pucci heels that I have worn once, Christine wore twice, and they burn my feet!!!

ALSO - I have a ton of rules. I am short. 5'2" to be exact, and stay away from wearing anything but nude, gold, or white shoes when wearing skirts and shorts - to elongate the leg. Also, I am not into the whole gladiator super strappy shoes. It's too much going on, so it brings the eye down, so if you aren't tall - it makes you look even shorter. My favorite shoe brand is Stuart Weitzman (FYI) But -- I just recently fell in love with a fun and more detailed pair of Louboutin's that I had to share! So, with these shoes -- I'd break all of my rules because they are that stunning!


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