Thursday, September 24, 2009

From the Personal File....

I've never shown a kitchen before from my personal file... This is the kitchen belonging to Aerin Lauder, heir of the Estee Lauder fortune. This girl has such sick style, I do have more images from her homes - so they will be posted soon.
1. I love how clean this kitchen is WITHOUT it being stark. I think that can be hard to execute sometimes.
2. The accessories are fantastic - from the collection of white pitchers, to the big vase of green florals, to artwork leaning against the backsplash.
3. The center island is grand but not over the top and those chairs are special.
4. Love the hardwood floors.
5. The lighting choices are great with the pendants. It's old school/retro but without the kitsch.



  1. Those stools and yellow painting just make the kitchen.

  2. It really is a fantastic looking kitchen!

  3. Love everything Aerin does. I too have a large collection of tear-sheets from her press over the years...

  4. I love everything about this kitchen-the white cabinets, the soft paint color, the chairs...I could go on. I look forward to seeing more pictures of her house. Please hurry and post some more!

  5. Those chairs are phenom! Gorgeous kitchen.


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