Friday, October 9, 2009

10 Things About Me.

Well - I have been tagged to list 10 absolute honest things about me, so.... I thought instead of blasting it on Facebook.... I'd go to my blog instead.

1. My absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world is to go to the Long Beach Flea Market with Christine.

2. When I am super excited about something, I can't sleep out of excitement and wake up waaaay too early! (like the night before the Long Beach Flea Market).

3. When I was little, I was petrified of the Tooth Fairy, so I would leave a pillow with my tooth at the front door. The thought process behind this was.... why would you want someone that collects old teeth to crawl their hand under your head while you were sleeping!

4. I wear a gold charm around my neck of a butterfly that belonged to my mother as a little girl and its my absolute favorite possession. I never take it off. It's also stunning, and I get stopped about it all the time. I love when people stop me.

5. I have a dog, Lincoln --- and the reason I got a dog almost 8 years ago was because a friend of mine that had a dog wouldn't let me baby sit her for the day, so I went out and got my own.

6. I love rap music. and I make up words to every song I like. I am always really off.

7. I am clumsy. I fall, trip, and drop things all the time. I can be the bull in a china shop.

8. My best friend and I play a game of words we don't like, the list is not short. I can't even type these words.

9. When I was in Kindergarten, it was Parents Night at school and my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. In front of my mom and dad, I announced that I wanted to be a belly-dancer, when she thought I said ballet dancer, my dad corrected her and said belly dancer. I think the teacher almost fell over.

10. I am a list maker, and I even put things on my list that have already been done just so I can highlight it that I took care of it. It's all about the feeling of accomplishment.


  1. I loved your list. Especially #10 about being a list maker. I have to buy gorgeous note pads and start a new list each day, putting down everything as I accomplish it with a check mark. The list is only written with my Tiffany pen.

  2. You are too cute!! The pagoda lamp shade search is still on my list - completely not checked off!! LOL

  3. I think that is the cutest and bravest thing I have read on a blog in a long time!!
    Ron in the Netherlands/Empel collections ( a recent subcriber to your blog. I love it)

  4. Hi Ron! Thank so much!! I really appreciate your comment! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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