Thursday, October 8, 2009

All About Pink! Breast Cancer Month!

This is a double feature.... First here is our "All About Pink" fashion accessory for the day in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. It's a silk floral pin from Diane James. And, secondly I wanted to thank everyone at Diane James for sending this exact gorgeous pin to me, as a thank you gift! It is so gorgeous and happy and I absolutely love it. I have a velvet lined drawer in my dresser filled with my accessories, but this one is too pretty to tuck away.

Please make sure to check out CVS's website to learn how to give your own "Breast Self Exam" here:


  1. We're so happy you love the pin! We also have on a pink peace rose in a glass bubble bowl, the profits of which we donate to breast cancer research. Thanks for mentioning us on your beautiful blog!

  2. Oh!!! I wore the pin 2 nights ago!! I wore this high waisted black skirt that needed a belt, so I put a black belt with it, and covered the buckle with the rose. It was stunning! Thank you again! Have a great weekend - and thanks for letting me know about the breast cancer pink peace rose!


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