Friday, October 2, 2009

My Favorites from the Ikea 2010 Catalog

So I finally browsed thru the 2010 Ikea catalog, and I am not disappointed. I will be honest though - I am probably one of the few 20-somethings that has a super difficult time with Ikea. I get overwhelmed in there, but this issue has really made me re-think the entire store and I definitely plan to check out these pieces: As.... these would be my top favorites! What do you think? Malm Dressing Table: Love this, and would really like to consider this to be a perfect "parson desk" feel for my entry. It's absolutely perfect and clean lined. My entry is very boho- glam with an gold guilded mirror and a vintage elephant garden stool.... It needs a modern edge.
Lenda Pair Curtains: at $14.99 for a pair... why not?

Helmer Dresser Unit - The price is great on this... It's $34.99 and I'd love to stick it in my closet for all of my accessories. One wall in my closet has a million hooks hanging straight across with a million belts hanging - and I think coiling them up in here would make it feel a little bit clear-er.

Engan Chest - I loooove this and it is sooo not my style, but since my place has this boho vibe to it.... I am looking for a new end table as my gold nesting tables are done... This could be really, really cool. And storage!! Love that!
Here is the matching armoire... I just like it, so I had to post it. Both these pieces would be amazing for a bedroom set.

Edland Collection: If i were to buy new bedroom furniture, I would buy a piece from this collection. I hope it looks as rich as it does in the image. I really like it.
Kilim Rug - LOVE THIS!!! Wish these were my colors because I would be allll over it! Its gorgeous!

Alina bedspread with 2 Cushion covers: This coverlet is fantastic, and its actually exactly what I am looking for. I want something super light weight to go over my duvet, and I think this could be a top contender. I am just a little nervous about bedding from Ikea... Anyone ever gone down that road?


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