Monday, October 12, 2009

Sara and Michael Penney's Awesome Home

This is the home of Sarah and Michael Penney. Michael has a wicked sense of style, loves to thrift, and seriously gets his bang for his buck with tons of amazing tricks. I absolutely love his style! Love this mantel, especially that white mirror.
What an awesome credenza. Love that bamboo-esque vibe.

This kitchen is really smart. Michael didn't like the cabinet doors, so he took them off, stapled sea-grass cloth to the back of it, and voila. The large baskets are also great. He found that 1960's chandelier at a thrift shop.

Michael and Sara splurged on the soda, and then did vintage pieces. It all flows well and I love the color combo. I like how the books are color coordinated as well.

Michael found the drawer pulls on the side table on Ebay. ($20 for a set of 4, not bad!)

Michael convinced Sara to let him paint the ceiling a robins egg blue. It looks amazing!


  1. Oh - all this beautiful blue - It's so fresh!

  2. I love that this home still looks so livable and accessible. Fresh and gorgeous. Love the colors.

  3. I know!! I love how approachable this is, but yet its sophisticated.


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