Monday, November 16, 2009

A Fresh Turquoise Room

This room is designed by Dan Barsanti and its so clean and fresh and I absolutely love the color palette. The printed pillows are gorgeous. I love how this room was divided into two separate sitting areas. That white round coffee table is pretty cool too.


  1. * G' morning, Hallie~

    Add to what you said the fact that there's so much of that beautiful LIGHT, streaming in from all those fab windows~~~ suuuuuch a delight!!! It makes me a glorious scoop of sorbet!!!

    Linda in AZ *
    (BTW, please tell me... what I*S that "gray thing" on the white round table? Thanks!)

  2. (Corrrection: It makes we "WISH FOR" a glorious scoop of sorbet! ...Guess a NICE, HOT CUPPA CAFFEINE might work better THIS early, don't you agree?!)~~~

  3. Sooooo pretty!!! I agree, I love how they made it into two sitting areas. Great idea!

  4. Hi Linda - those "gray things" are shells! Ha ha!! Thanks for the responses. Glad you enjoyed the room. It's pretty stunning. I def need to do more research on Dan Barsanti. He's a very talented designer.


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