Monday, January 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston @ the Golden Globes

So, for those of you that don't personally know me - I have a celeb crush on Jennifer Aniston. She is so cute and charming -- and I still am anti- Brangelina. (If my dad reads this he is going to get a serious kick out of this. While I am at it, I might as well mention I also am a J-Lo fan. Dad - you can let the butt jokes begin...).

Anyway - here is Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globes last night and she just looks absolutely beautiful!! The dress, the hair, her nails, the smokey make-up. She did good! Team Aniston all the way!


  1. Could not agree more, I DIE for her!!!! That hair is amazing!!!

  2. I am totally team Aniston! I haven't watched a Brad Pitt movie since he made that awful choice.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I am sooo on the same page as you!

  4. hey commented on my blog about janniston...but you must have missed the previous post where i talked about her being one of my faves! i thought she looked just freshly fucked enough. perfection. i am team anniston all the way now too. ever since jolie started to look like a malnourished cambodian, keep on keepin on glam lamb.


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