Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New York City..... Here I Come!!

So... I am going to New York in a few days, and I'd love to hit up some great spots. If you have any suggestions for great vintage furniture shops or any places in general - please do pass it on!!

Thanks so much!


  1. If you're in NYC tomorrow night, stop by and see us for cocktails at Gracious Home on the Eastside! 6 - 8 pm
    I would go to Bunny Williams store, Treillage, on Lexington... beautiful, vintage feel!

  2. Hi Hallie,

    One of the best places for vintage furniture is the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on 39th btwn 9th and 10th and the 25th St Garage Flea Market, between 6th and 7th - the Hester Street Market just opened last weekend, too! There's the Brooklyn Flea which is just beyond fun for all sorts of stuff. I love the Upper Rust on 9th btwn 1st and Ave A. Let me know if there's anything else you want to know - more than happy to share my city's secrets!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! I will definitely stop by when I am there. Im heading to NY on Saturday.


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