Monday, May 10, 2010

The book arrived and here are my thoughts....

Alright... I am a reborn Kelly Wearstler fan. I was a bit confused with her work for a little while - and I think I wasn't letting my personal style evolve. So - the book, It is absolutely beautiful. It completely tests trend and its over-embellished, and its tongue in cheek. It has a lot of character and the colors are so vibrant - I have almost fallen in love with the color purple. She does gorgeous things with gold, but I will say this - I am not a fan of her Malibu Estate. But I finally understand it.

Kudos to HUE - its definitely a great addition to my coffee table book collection.


  1. Good report! I am happy to hear that you liked the book, I have MOdern Glamour and I have been wanted to order a copy of Hue so now I think I will!! Thanks for the input :)

  2. The photography is exquisite!! keep me posted of what you think!

  3. I have been loving "Hue"; and I must agree, I was convinced Madame Wearstler had gone off the deep end when I saw her beach house. Still not a fan, but I admire her efforts to continually evolve and discover/create "the next big thing" in interior styling. While I still love the old Viceroy/Modern Glamour style, the projects in "Hue" feel much less contrived, for lack of a better word. I find it has encouraged me as a designer to step outside of my comfort zone (and my clients') when pulling pieces...sometimes it's the odd man out that makes the room.


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