Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life's little indulgences

I like drinking breakfast tea with a couple packets of splenda in a fancy tea cup before I go to bed. Below is the "tea-cup-of-the-moment." It makes me feel fancy drinking out of a cup like this, when any other person would probably just grab a random mug. Anyway - if you self indulge in anything, big or small - please share! Would love to hear!


  1. OK, the cup is fabulous! I think I need to be self indulgent more often. I mean I used to be. I have racked my brain trying to think of a way I am now, but since having kids I eat off plastic plates (or over the sink) and drink out of clunky mugs. I do drink my mojitos out of vintage green bamboo patterned barware from my Grandma, if that counts. I need help!

  2. Ok Denika - you crack me up! But I eat over the sink too! especially if its something fattening and I can shove it down the drain real fast! That barware sounds insane!! take a pic!!


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