Sunday, June 20, 2010


Okay - so.... you go to a flea market expecting that everything on the table is for sale, right? I am not talking about the displays for jewelry items or the set up tables.. but for the most part - you assume everything is for sale. WELL - my frustrated self was mistaken. Below you will see an 8 track storage case with the 8 track tapes. Well -- those 8 track tapes were for sale - but the storage case was not. AND I really really wanted it. This dealer pissed me off so bad. I was polite, and then under my breath when I walked away, I called him an a**hole. Would this not have been the perfect jewelry box?! What a tool.


  1. That would have been so great to have! Sucks that the seller wouldn't sell it. Hopefully another one will come your way someday!

  2. bummer, that is super cute. Especially if painted white!

  3. might be an easy diy (radiator screen?)... super cute though!


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