Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tray Tables at Zara Home

If Zara Home stores existed in the United States - I would definitely snatch up these two tray tables. The bamboo one is obviously right up my alley, but the lucite one would be fantastic - because I don't have any lucite in my home.... Anyway - neither one are an option as all of the Zara Home stores are international... oh well. Has anyone ever been to a Zara Home store?


  1. I Love this bamboo table. I agree - I would buy this if I I am going to see if I can find one like it.

  2. I love Zara Home. I just got back from France and my friend and I would just walk around Zara home and wish we could buy everything and take it home!

  3. alright.... sounds like i gotta get out of the country and check out a zara home store. i wonder when they will start opening some up in the US?

  4. We have Zara home here in Muscat Oman (which most people have NEVER heard of) so there's no reason you shouldn't have it in the US:(.

    I love Zara. They had these totally glam picnic baskets the other day I almost bought, even though my picnics are more traditionally Arabic in style.

    BTW, I love your blog, and designed my new bedroom around images you posted.

  5. Oh my!! You have made my night! I am thrilled to hear you got some inspiration from this blog! If you want to send pics, i'd love to see!! Thank you for the compliment!

    And yes... so weird there is no Zara Home in the US.


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