Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 Rooms with POPS of Yellow!

Check out these two fantastic rooms. They all have brilliant hints of yellow that make a gorgeous statement. Both rooms really have great ideas that can be on the budget friendly side too. The living room above belongs to Summer Thronton. I love how it is a casual take on some super glamorous pieces. A great idea to pull from this room is using a large piece of wallpaper or fabric and framing it as art. Especially if the roll of wallpaper you are interested in is too costly, just purchase 1 roll instead of the 5 your room would need and make it a statement.

I love this entire look of the bar stools, the sexy art work, its very hip to me without being a look you would get sick of. Also - I love that this is easily a changed look. Swap out the art and the cushion covers (and different color fruit - jk) and the whole room is redone. Easy! Source: unknown :(

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  1. I love how the art and cushions really pop in this room.


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