Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And the organizing continues

With a new season brings on my itch to organize... So here it goes...

These white cabinets are in my foyer (yep - that's Lincoln in the corner) and they hold an amazing amount of storage - BUT its also a great sneaky spot to stash something real quick. I let these cabinets get messy. I have the tools to keep it tidy, but every few months or so, it all just gets out of wack.

So earlier today it was here:
- The towels were messily folded, sheets unorganized, everything just jumbled.
And now.... TADA.....
An organized place for everything!!
** Good Tip --- I am not good at folding fitted sheets - so I keep the fitted sheets (messily) folded in the large wicker baskets so I don't even have to stress about how it looks.


  1. ok, i'm now inspired to do this for my closet. i need to clean up my act. organized closets make me so happy. i'm just gonna take a nap first, and then organize, or um maybe i'll just do it another day. i'm so bad.


  2. hahaha! I can be the exact same way! It's crazy how all of a sudden your butt totally will kick into gear and you'll just do it! But yeah... do the nap thing instead. An ipod helps too! 80s playlist all the way.

  3. WOW! You are amazing..... When can you come over and help me with mine :) love you!


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