Sunday, September 19, 2010

Don't neglect your bedskirt.

I am soooo into this right now, the beautiful coordinated bedskirt! I have a solid khaki bedskirt (it matches my ballard tufted headboard perfectly) but I sooo wish I had a fabulous-ly coordinated one instead. Anyway.... Look at how beautiful these bed skirts are and what statements they make for the room. Above - Love. Designer - Meg Graff
I actually think this is a fabric bed and not a bed skirt- but even if it were a bed skirt it would give the exact same effect. Designer: Jamie Drake.

Designed by Meg Graff.

Designed by my fave design team: Massuco Warner Miller. Love the matching bolster.

image via VTIinteriors
Love this cordinated monogrammed look.
This bedding coordination is available at Pine Cone Hill


  1. The first pic is Meg Braff too! It was in Coastal Living. I LOVE her.

  2. thank you! I'll update! I thuoght the first and third pics had the same feel lol!

  3. The first and third pics are two of my all time favorites! I remember when these were in Coastal beautiful! Definite inspiration for if I ever am lucky enough to have a guest room. :) So glad I found your blog's great!

  4. Hi Jenn! You are so sweet! Thank you for following!! I am so glad I find you also!!

  5. So chic! I love the idea brings pattern and color to the bed while still being able to have white bedding if you want.

  6. I could not agree more - bedskirts are a great design opportunity! Thank you for sending me the link - I love all the pictures you posted. Here's to the bedskirt revolution :)


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