Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I pretend to be a chef....

I pretend to be a serious cook. I have a stack of recipes with full intentions of making them.... Honestly.... it doesn't happen. BUT - I won't throw them out, so instead I've decided to organize them (this being extremely helpful with planning my dinner party for this Saturday night BTW).
So - I went to Home Goods and purchased an inexpensive accordion file, took labels and sectioned each tab accordingly by group. Now, I have my own recipe box filled with recipes that I most probably will never use. You would think I would have high hopes in being the next Barefoot Contessa. At least I'm prepared should the urge arise.

PS- If you have any fantastic organizing tips - please do let me know, I'm looking for inspiring organization tips for future posts! Thanks!!!


  1. Nice! ...and I'm the exact same way :)

  2. I pretend to be this anal neat freak and I have no clue who I am trying to full here! LOL


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