Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm throwing my 1st dinner party - part 1

I love entertaining - but entertaining my friends has always involved a quick, thrown together cheese board, a huge bowl of fruit and multiple bottles of wine. So I have decided that on Saturday, October 2nd - I am having 5 very dear and wonderful girlfriends to come over for dinner and drinks - and I am going to go ALL out.

The checklist:

- send out invite - DONE!
- see what serving pieces and tableware I have - DONE!
- decide on recipes and organize list for market
- purchase any missing items needed for table
- grocery shop and pick up flowers and candles
- cook!
- make floral arrangements
- entertain and enjoy!

Anyway -- I am completely inspired by Eddie Ross and his ability to use vintage and flea market finds to make such a gorgeous table. So, last night I started fiddling around with what I currently own to see what kind of fillers I would need. So - here was what I have thus far - but I definitely want to funk mine out a bit - it needs way more of the unexpected:

- The turquoise floral "table cloth" is a remnant of fabric that I got at a flea market that I had to have.
- I have service for 6 of Fire King dishes with a gold rim that I never use because they can't go in the dish washer. I got the dishes at an estate sale! Total score btw.

- The Napkins are gorgeous cream with silver threading detail. Even though the dishes have a gold rim, I think it works ok. The napkins (I have the matching table cloth too) are from 45 Three.
- The tall tumblers have gold and turquoise cruise ships painted on them. An ebay find.

Below is the same Fire King set of dishes - but I swapped out the tumblers for a different (my favorite) set and changed the table cloth to yellow. The napkins are vintage sunflowers by Vera that I got at the Long Beach Flea Market (a set of 8 for 4 bucks!!)

Another idea I had was to go super vintage and mismatch a little bit. Using vintage hankies for napkins and give it a shabby chic vibe. I nixed this idea but still wanted to put the pictures up. You just gotta think outside the box. This could be a good idea for a brunch or something.

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes!! Wish me luck!


  1. You go girl!!! This will be so much fun, I'm sure you are going to do a fab job. You've got me inspired to try this too {I'm not the best cook}, so you'll have to let us know how everything turns out! :)
    Nancy xo

  2. Wow it looks great! I have a hand towell in that turquoise fabric! I got it from a lady who sells vintage hand towells.

  3. I love weird vintage floral prints. They are so unique!

    Nancy -- you are too sweet!! I definitely will keep you posted on how it turns out. Also - keep me posted if you end up throwing any shin digs for your friends!! You can always just pick up food from a gourmet grocery and pretend you made it!! LOL

  4. Oh.....the 3rd one that you nixed was my FAVE!
    It will be great fun! good luck!


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