Monday, September 6, 2010

New Fabric Crush

Supermodel Iman (and wife of David Bowie) has teamed up with Calico Corners to create a gorgeous collection of ethnic inspired fabrics and I absolutely love the collection. It has a tribal-boho feel to it and it feels rich and unique. Below are my 4 favorite prints - but there are many more on the web site that you can check out here:
Punjab Peacock print (above). More color options are available. This is my absolute favorite fabric in the whole group.

Java Moon (above). More color options available.

Zebra Oasis (above) and more color options are available.

Alhambra Amour and more color options are available.


  1. of course! just read about her collection in People Magazine :)

  2. I wouldn't expect anything less than fabulous from Iman! These are great!!

  3. Love these!!! Hallie- you have such a great eye!!!! Your blog is so fun and inspiring!

  4. How yummy! Iman has amazing taste and she'll add a special touch of glam to Calico Corners.

  5. Lana!!!!!!!! that is all I can say!!!


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