Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Mind....

Right now I am really focused! It's like my A.D.D. has officially left and I am ready to knock stuff off of the "To Do List!!" A lot of things on my list are organizing projects around my place, painting, that kind of stuff....

I made a promise to myself that every single day after work I will get rid of one thing off that list whether it be an errand to run, or something to do home...

So today it began with cleaning under the kitchen sink! Ew not fun, but here's how it went:

It started like this.... nasty!
Lincoln assisted and gave input from time to time.
And voila. A clean spot for a cleaning section.

The next thing on my mind actually is paint! I still want to be in the neutral lighter scale. but I can't decide if I want to be in the super pale blues or pale greys. So - We are here and I haven't elimnated a single swatch card yet.... If anyone has a tip for choosing a paint color - please do share!!

Anyway - I will keep you in the loop as more things get crossed off that list!


  1. Just my two whole house is covered in various shades of grey and I LOVE it!! I can never tire of greys.
    Nancy xo

  2. Nancy!! Move to LA and be my best friend!!! LOL. My bedroom is charcoal!! I was totally thinking of going super pale grey. Did you do more of a purple-y grey, or super pale-grey?? I haven't removed a singly color yet!!!


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