Monday, September 27, 2010

San Francisco Flea Market - Candlestick park

I was in SF this past weekend and had such a wonderful time. On Sunday we went to the Antique Fair at Candlestick park and saw some fantastic things.... Here were some of the highlights: Above: shiney metal chairs. Very different and cool.
The chandelier above is awesome. This would work great in a foyer, dining room, even hanging low over a coffee table.
I fell in love with these romantic chairs. They were in excellent condition and the seat had a gorgeous embroidered tree in the center.

I loved these gold lamps as well. BUT you really need to chuck those heinous lamp shades. Can you imagine a black shade over these?! Sick.

This head went home with Rodney.

This coffee table was great, especially if you need storage space. The hardware was really cool chinois inspired.

There were lamps galore - and the great thing was that there were a ton of pairs of lamps.

Below is a Herman Miller (Eames) chair and it was in amazing condition. The dresser and nightstand in the background also was fantastic. There were several booths at the show set up like living rooms, which made it kinda fun.

One vendor had fantastic rugs. Its very difficult to find rugs with turquoise in it that are bright, vibrant, and in excellent condition. He was asking for $950 for the 8x10 ft. rugs which isn't outrageous when you see the handwork and the vibrant colors. I immediately fell in love!


  1. Yall have good Flea Markets in Cali, here its pretty much a hit or miss most of the times miss.

  2. really?? I feel like there would be great ones in Tennessee... what about antique malls?

  3. {Gasp} That rug. What a beauty!

  4. Thanks for the gorgeous photos! Now that market looks like fun.

  5. So jealous! I'd give my right arm to have these flea markets around! So fun! Love your blog, by the way.


  6. so glad you enjoyed the photos from the flea market. its such a fun way to spend the day... (it's also a great and inexpensive date! LOL)

  7. Oooo I want to scoop up that eames chair, and the flokati rug underneath it!!


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