Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chic and Totally Attainable

This bedroom, designed by Michael Penney has lots of style without trying too hard. The look is totally attainablea and completely budget friendly.
So ---- here we go:
1. 4 poster bed - Ikea
2. Dash and Albert rug
3. Bedding - I don't know where this bedding is, but you can get bedding like this at Bed Bath and Beyond - easily.
4. You only need 1 roll of your favorite wallpaper to complete this look so you can splurge a little. :)
5. Sunburst --- they are anywhere and everywhere. World Market, Pier 1, Target.... easy.
6. under bed wicker storage - ikea.


  1. OK, so I was definitely going to style the bed wall pretty much exactly like this- with the sunburst, two tables, two lamps.....should I still go for it? Or do something different? I feel like its done too much....

  2. I completely posted this pic for you! HAHA! I mean - that wallpaper is specific, so you kinda dont have much choice with the lay out and the white curtains and pale grey walls - but i wouldn't do the sunburst --- its really typical. Its also really bad feng shui to have a mirror above your head. ha! i honestly dont know if you will need anything ahung above with that wallpaper....


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