Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dinner Party == the flowers/centerpieces.

I am thrilled!! My first dinner party went off without a hitch! Every detail was perfect, no catastrophies in the kitchen (food was pretty good), the wine was great, and the company was FANTASTIC. I have the BEST GIRLFRIENDS in the entire world. It was definitely the perfect girls night!

This is going to take a few posts - so I am going to start with the centerpieces. I bought 3 separate hydrangeas, some weird wax flower, Bells of Ireland, white Tulips, and a tiny bit of green leaf sprigs.

I am a HUGE fan of milk glass - so I used this vintage container for the center floral arrangement. It has the perfect size opening. I also didn't want anything too tall that you couldn't see your guests around the table.

If you look closely below, you will see there is scotch tape on the mouth of the vase. I made a grid to keep the flowers in place.
Each hydrangea was like its own little bouquet. I took one hydrangea and carefully placed/poked the wax flowers through the branches of the hydrangea.
Then - with more scotch tape, I taped all of the stems together so they would stay put.

I did this three times, and then placed each bouquet within the grids of the vase. It packs it in tight.

I then did 2 similar bouquets in blue vintage candy jars, using the rest of the Bells of Ireland, the greens, and white tulips.
And below is the final table! What do you think!?
Budget friendly tip: For the table cloth - I used a yard and a half of scrap vintage fabric that I got at the Long Beach Flea Market. It cost $7. If you were to go Bed Bath and Beyond or a department store for a tablecloth, it would cost more and it wouldn't be as original.
The napkins came from World Market -- they have every color in the rainbow! I also didn't have napkin rings (and my folding of napkins needs improvement) so I used gold holiday ribbon and neatly tied them.


  1. Fancies. Huge milk glass lover too!

    Great job, Hal.

  2. thank you! thank you! I had such a great time setting it up too!!!


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