Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decor that isn't cheesy.

I love a decorated pumpkin, or a little spooky-decor, but it needs to be in the right moderation, I don't like tacky. I know, Halloween is a silly holiday and getting festive is part of it. Here are two wreaths that I think are festive and yet still attractive and very tasteful to let out the the Halloween side of you.
Pier One
I do love this top one filled with peacock feathers! Feels very masquerade to me. The bottom wreath from Z Gallerie is sprigs of black sparkling/glittered twigs. Pretty! These wreaths both are inexpensive and let you have fun with the holiday without going weird. LOL.

Tell me - How do you decorate your home for the Halloween?

Z Gallerie


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