Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kelly Green - Oh So Divine

I have always been a turquoise girl... but lately I have been drawn to a few new shades: Purple, Hot Pink, and Kelly Green.  Mama Peggy (that would be my grandmother) loves the color kelly green... even had the flowers at her wedding at the Peabody in Memphis, TN spray painted the color (I don't know how this could have looked... but lets just let that one slide).  Anyway.... 
Here are a few images featuring kelly green and they are absolutely divine.  What's your favorite color?
Above - image via DecorPad.  Love the mirrored coffee table and the kelly green pillows.  Super chic.

This dressing room, above has such amazing drawer pulls.  I've never seen anything like that before.  Anyone know where they are from?  Anyway -- also love the green lamp and chair.  Image via DecorPad
Bathroom image via DecorPad
Love a great mix of colors, accessories and textures.  Kelly green and flokati donned furniture are a nice grouping.  Image via Domino Magazine
Image via HGTV
image via DecorPad

And a couple pics of Mama Peg and Daddy Seymour,
My absolute favorite people in the entire world.


  1. how I love green, what fabulous images x

  2. thank you! emerald green... kelly green.... so so pretty.

  3. love kelly green! great examples on how to incorporate it in so many different ways!

  4. These are some fabulous pics you found for this round up Hallie, LOVE them. And the personal photos are so sweet, you look so pretty :)

  5. thank you! thank you! Grandparents really are the best! :)


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