Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Sugar, Sugar, Oh Honey, Honey...

If you are an LA girl - you must get your hands on the Crave Los Angeles book.  It's such a great resource of wonderful women doing wonderful things in Southern California.
While reading Crave - I came across Tamara Kaye-Honey, owner of House of Honey, a home furnishings and interior design store in Pasadena.  I want to be friends with Mrs. Honey.  Originally from Nova Scotia, and then NY - she made her way to Cali with her husband and two kids (doesn't she look like she's 18?!)  Anyway -- her style is insane - and I really want her to come over to my house and give me a tutorial or two!  PS - she use to be a buyer for Bergdorf's - so you know she's got the whole style thing down pat!

Below is her store front of House of Honey.  Too cute!! Next time I'm in Pasadena, I am definitely taking a peak!  I know... I know... don't judge a book by its cover - lets toss that rule aside - because this place looks amazing on the outside - the inside must be insane!
Inside the store... Looking good.

This bedroom was designed by Tamara. 

This living room was also designed by Tamara.  This is what I would call mid-century perfection. 


  1. oh this looks fab! I need to pick this book up for sure! I wanted to go to the signing with vanessa de vargas a few weeks ago!

  2. I know! I wanted to go too - but felt sort of stupid since I already had a copy of the book, and already had Vanessa sign it. LOL.

  3. Soooo cooool! Lets meet here sometime! It's the half way point from LA to my house! Maybe we can have our next Blogger meet up in South Pasadena. Here first then dinner or something after?!

    xo - jami

  4. Jami... that's a really good idea. I was actually briefly corresponding via email with Tamara, I should ask her if she would be interested for us to chat with her one late afternoon... are you going tonight to Marix??


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