Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patches!!!

Yesterday was such a fun day.  My best friend, Mitch and I went to an art show at the Brewery to check out Lana Gomez and a few other artists (posts to come on that FYI....) and then we went to a Pumpkin Patch.  Only in my neck of the woods would the pumpkin patch be valet only (we decided to park on the street over)!!  We couldn't believe it!!

All in all, we took goofy picutres and had a great time!  I am going to be doing a few posts this week on non-cheesy Halloween decor, and some cool ideas of what to do with pumpkins (no carving involved).

How cool are these creepy grey pumopkins!!??  I was debating on getting one, and then Mitch insisted I be traditional and get orange.  I kinda wish I got the grey....
There were barrels and barrels of mini white and orange pumpkins.  These would be great to scatter around. 

And a close up of the grey.  Kicking myself.  Oh well.  (good thing its just a pumpkin... and if I really want, I can go back!)


  1. Those grey and white ones are amazing!!! I want them! Hallie, I love that in your photos you are in a tank and shorts, you guys in Cali are so lucky. Where I come from everyone is bundled up with jackets and scarves to go pick their pumpkins from the patch!

  2. I know... I may have to go back and pick up the grey one aftr all!! Nancy... come to Cali and you too can wear shorts to the pumpkin patch! :) LOL


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