Friday, November 19, 2010

From the personal file. In need of a desk chair.

So - I have ordered a parsons desk for my foyer/office.  I am pretty excited... Pictures will come up as soon as I get it under way (and the desk actually comes - Nov. 23).  I need to also paint too.  PROJECTS are taking over!  Anyway - the chair of my dreams is on sale... But it doesn't look all that comfortable to sit on for long periods of time....  It's the Crystal Chiavari Chair from Stacking Chair Store.

Any thoughts for a desk chair that isn't too "desk-y" that will still look great in a foyer and comfy would be awesome!  I am quite demanding...


  1. OK, I like the ghost chair (knock off) at,-Victoria/Detail.bok
    It is not a glamours as the one you like, but it is very comfy and sturdy(we ordered for a client, so I have seen it in person). We paired it with a parsons desk from West Elm. Good Luck!

  2. this chair is so gorgeous who cares.

  3. I LOVE this chair, do it. Can you get a beautiful cushion to put on it when you're sitting for a bit?
    Love it :)

  4. Sarah - That's not a bad idea. I could just store the cushion in the closet. (there is cabinetry right net to where the desk is going). Thx!!


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