Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage Gift Giving and a helpful little guide!

Going vintage can be a great gift idea, but can also be a challenge.  
So many things that we see at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Jonathan Adler, Burke Decor, even Home Goods are inspired by vintage finds. 
I think its way cool to give someone the original instead of the copy. 

Here are a few tips when gift giving vintage:
1. Know your recipient - If they aren't going to appreciate it, pass on the vintage idea all together and just head over to Anthro.  Or if you know someone who loves chess and you come across an amazing vintage chess set - this could be a "WOW" gift! Find out someone's passion and go from there! Ya never know what you will come across.
2. Whatever you do purchase - make sure that it is in pristine condition - Chipped glass or ripped linens are not good gift ideas. Ever. (Unless your recipient is into the shabby chic look or its signed by Elvis or The Temptations... pass!)
3.  Know a little something about what you're giving (if possible).  It would be so nice to include a notecard with a small description about the item.  If its Vera linens, Culver Glass, a fabulous find at your favorite vintage shop... etc. 
4. Get creative with your Ebay/Etsy search words - here are a few of my favorites: Culver glass, Imperial glass, Fenton, vintage linens, vera, vintage tray, Candlewick, gold bamboo, vintage glasses, vintage owl (yep! that's what it says).
5. Wrap it carefully and beautifully. - If you are shipping your item, make sure to wrap it properly either in bubble wrap or acid free paper (for linens). Also - vintage pieces are special items - so I'd definitely wrap them with neat paper and a beautiful bow (black and white newspaper print and a red grosgrain ribbon always looks sharp!).  

Grouping of 12 vintage linen tea towels.  A fabulous hostess gift.  Find it Here on Ebay.
Vintage gold bamboo magazine rack via Ebay
Amazing Culver vintage glasses (set of 4) from Ebay 
Turquoise Imperial Glass votive holders. Get it here: Ebay
Urban Outfitters has copies of these candle holders in stock all the time. 
Pink and gold serving piece set.  Would be great for a girly-girl - jewelry holder... From here on Ebay
Vintage set of 8 napkins Get it Here on Ebay Another fab hostess gift!
For the home decor enthusiast these are unreal. Available at Etsy - Here.
A great thing about vintage is that many of times, the prices are incredible.  For instance, this bracelet is  $10, where you can by brand new copies of this for $88 at Henri Bendel.   So its not always the amount you spend, but what you search for. Available here at Etsy
Awesome vintage pair of gold bamboo picture frames. Available here @ Etsy.  
Set of 6 Culver glasses (can you tell I like Culver....) available at Etsy - here
Be careful when buying framed art for someone - but if you absolutely know they will love it - then go for it.
Available at Etsy - here
Set of 8 vintage Vera coasters get it here on ebay I absolutely love these.  Vera has a new coffee table book that looks awesome.  Check it out HERE.
Vintage Costume Jewelry Bracelet from Ebay here.
Another set of vintage Culver glasses from ebay, here

Set of 6 glass grape cluster dishes.  Really cute for entertaining. From Etsy - HERE


  1. great tips! I am also DYING over those frames and may just scoop them up!

    lets plan our flea market date for the new year please!!

  2. oh you should totally get those frames!! They are so cute!!! Yes!! Lets definitely do a flea market date in January! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. xo

  3. glad to see you snooping around etsy! check out my humble little shop sometime-


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