Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 great holiday decor ideas

I love this time of year!  Holiday decor is so fabulous!  
Here are two super easy ideas to dress up your holiday table and your home.
 I'd love to hear the creative home decorating you are doing this holiday season!
 This is too cute and super easy.  Don't have fancy napkin rings - make some!  I definitely don't like cheesy-craft-it-yourself projects, but this is darling.  Just string 2 small ornaments on a thread and tie around a napkin.  Easy!!

 I love this simple idea.  
Take multiple strands of ribbon and string a few ornament bells onto it and then hang on your doors.  
It's such a fab idea and every time you open and close the door you will hear sweet chimes. 
image via Real Simple

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  1. I love both of these ideas Hallie, I think it's all in the little details like this!! Those touches will make a room special for the holidays :)
    Nancy xo


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