Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Armonia Decors - A closer look at a fab designer.

I recently did a post (see HERE) on this amazing entry below and wanted to learn more about the designer behind it - as this is some serious insanity perfection going on.

This is where I learned about Armonia Decors. Principal designer: Emily Ruddo has insane style. Ruddo's look is comfortable, stylish, livable, doesn't feel too interior-designy yet the look only a professional can pull off. She's just really good. Ruddo is originally an East Coaster - but now a Southern Cali dweller, her look definitely has that sophisticated beach vibe. She also uses lots of turquoise... so - right off the bat, I am sold.

Love the idea of the grosgrain ribbon at the bottom of the lampshades.


  1. Ooh, I saw that stunning office space before but I didn't know the designer behind it! Her work is lovely!!!
    Nancy xo

  2. Okay, this is insane! Seriously, I just think I found my newest favorite designer!!!


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