Friday, January 21, 2011

Flower Power

Florals... Large chintz kind of has scared me - and I've tried to veer away from it.
BUT - look at how fresh and happy these ideas are!

What do you think? Are you a fan - or do you pass?

This combination of the floral pink drapes, the bone in-inlaid furntiure, paired with the ticking striped sofa is so delightful and warm.
(Former bedroom of Anna Spiro)

This watercolor vibe is really delightful -
Especially since I am craving Spring and Summer soooo badly!


  1. Some of it I can handle...some of it is a bit over kill.

  2. That's actuall my old bedroom {top image}. It was actually a lovely room to sleep in...very restful! I love floral fabrics but done in the right way.


  3. love them! and love that you used the ever fabulous' Anna's bedroom and she commented!

  4. Oh I had no idea!!! I'll credit now!!!

  5. Love a large bold floral pattern!

  6. These are all just so fabulous. I'm a BIG fan of flower prints!! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. The top one (Anne's space) makes me think I might be able to handle it, but the rest not so much. I'm just not a floral kind of girl (in most cases). M

  8. Not normally my style but i am loving them this season! Rachie xo

  9. Quite lovely actually, I wasn't sure if I'd like it but your examples are so pretty!! And Hallie, I am craving spring and summer too!!!!!

    Nancy xo

  10. Love the first image. I just found and loving it! I am your newest follower!

  11. Me too...I have about 5 painting projects that I desperately want to start, but need to wait until the weather gets warmer. Glad I found your blog recently...I can tell I'm going to like it!


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