Monday, January 10, 2011

What I jocked in Lonny (The Jan/Feb issue)

I like the new issue of Lonny, but I don't love.
The last issue was just so good to me.
But that's ok, there still were some great spreads, home decor ideas, and more.

Here's what made me do a double take.

Fabulous pendant lighting from Design Within Reach. I'd love to see such an edgy piece in a romantic room - to add some edge.
Fantastic foyer. Cream, gold, and turquoise is always a brilliant way to enter someone's home.

A new bedding collection from Kate Spade will be hitting the floors of Bed Bath and Beyond and Bloomingdales soon. I absolutely love how this bedroom has been styled. Gorgeous and happy!

This kitchen is fab! I would have never thought to pair this wallpaper with that color cabinetry. It's awesome. Double kudos for a bold choice. I love when people think outside of the box.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren also has a new bedding collection coming out - and I love this blue and white combo channeling Antigua. Gorgeous, dreamy, and makes me want to head back out onto vacation!

Cup and saucer by Riko Keneko at Liberty of London. How fun is this!?!? Hello, Valentine?! (total joke if anyone reading this knows my valentine!)

This dining room is my style 100 percent!!! This goes straight to the personal file - for sure!! Always love a round table (or octagon!) bamboo-esque chairs with a geometric pattern, a gold vintage chandelier, and a pair of stunning lamps. Happy!

So - tell me, what did you think of the new issue of Lonny?


  1. i agree . the last issue blew my mind

    but the kate spade made me soooo happy. and i agree that last room was the first one i saved to the file!

  2. I absolutely loved this issue! The holiday one was a little too bold for me, I know, I'm so boring, but I loved this one!

  3. Yep. Every OTHER issue is awesome. The ones in between fall somewhere in between ehhhh? and reallly?

    This was definitely toward the latter. Good, but so un-awesome.


  4. I loved the new issue of Lonny and the Cup and saucer by Riko Keneko are to die for. Too bad they are out of stock.

  5. I totally agree. This one was "meh." I didn't really find any amazing inspiration images!

  6. This just means the next issue with be FAB!

  7. That China Seas wallpaper in the kitchen is making me mental. I LOOOOOVE IT.


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