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Thursday, February 3, 2011

14 Days of Romance: The Best Cards: Day 3

WARNING: If you have a very clean mind - skip viewing this post!

I absolutely love cards.  Any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, thinking of you, just to say hello...  There are so many reasons to write a card.  E-mail can be such a cop out.  

So - today I spent a little bit of time searching for my own Valentine's card on Etsy - and I was laughing out loud at some of these!! There are some amazing stationary/letterpress companies - and the best ones really are on Etsy!!  Please do take the time to scroll through their fabulous round up of Valentine's cards. 

Here are some that I personally liked, thought were hysterical, or would be great for friends, relatives, etc. 

Etsy - Colette Paperie
Etsy - Sweet Perversion
Etsy - Simply Jenuine 
Etsy - Tippy Tumble (Uggs & Kisses)
From Etsy - Tisa's Creations

Etsy - La Belle Vie Design
Etsy - U Lucky Girl
Etsy - Dude and Chic  - Yes, this is slightly inappropriate, but an interesting way to get straight to the point!


  1. Love them all! They really made me laugh -most appropriate for me is i love you more than my iphone! I know my bf sometimes wonders ! Fab post!
    Rachie xo

  2. Loving all of these, especially since my husband doesn't believe in Valentine's Day! According to him, every day is V Day if you're married to the right person... do I hear a collective ahhh?

  3. LOVE these - hilarious! I think the hooker/crack one is my favorite, though the Iphone one would totally be a hit in my house too...

  4. Diane - you are too cute for words!!

  5. Those are to good...I forget how much etsy had to offer! Thanks for the reminder :)XOXO

  6. These are SO amazing- I love each and every tyopgrahpy on all of the ones you picked- We have a similar aesthetic it seems. looove the iphone one-- too bad it sold already :-( I love all of them!!! Thanks for scouting these out!

  7. *typography! keyboard being silly

    Just saw all of them again and had to say I am leaning towards the - I wanna verb your noun, one.

  8. Where can I place an order for some of these?


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