Friday, March 4, 2011

Pin Pin Pinterest - the faves of the week!

Oh do I love Pinterest.  This site could be my crack! 
Here are my top favorite Pins of the week that definitely made me do a 'double-take'!!!

Image via Bijou and Boheme - Brass lion door knockers.  Chic, chic, chic!

This x-bench just kills me!!!  I want a pair of these.   Via Elizabeth Bauer Design

Multiple strands of Chanel - stunner and a forever classic statement.  Image via Love 4 Surfer Boys

A grouping of these in the center of a bedroom, or above a dining room table, or even a coffee table would be abslutely bananas.  Love!!!! Image via Snob Stuff

This is the exact ind of vintage/mid-century modern style that makes me stop, and stare.  Isn't this gorgeous!?!?!
Image via The Zhush

This makes me want to set a table and have a party! Image via Tobi Fairley

Oh Mr. Valentine - you know how to design a shoe right!  Available at

I would love to have a vase super kitschy just like this to keep happy flowers in!
Image via Dwellers Without Decorators


  1. The dog vase is so cute! And the layers of Chanel are so classy....

  2. Love the dog and set of knockers!lol

  3. This is a very interesting blog and i am loving the ornaments with classical work. The dos is very fascinating and i am loving the shoes too. It is really wonderful to see !


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