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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lana Gomez - Art Sensation

So.... this right here is Lana Gomez, one of the artists I went to see at the Brewery Artwalk this past weekend, and of course - her artwork did not disappoint. You may be a little familiar with her as the chick who's art hangs in Kelly Wearstler's office and seen in the KWID "HUE" book. Her art is vibrant, silly, and bold - just like her.Make sure to visit Lana's site - HERE

I had an interesting conversation with Lana a few evenings ago while I watched her paint.  "One of my art teachers told me that with art you always need to create conflict, and some way you have to solve it.  That's what makes it interesting," Lana tells me while she worked on solving the problem of a painting that she covered with zig-zagging black paint.  It was pretty cool to watch!

 The painting below was one of the most popular ones at the show.  Excuse the lighting - the light coming in from the window behind did not help!  It's insane in person. 
 The series below, I believe she is calling Purim. I love the Hot Pink.  Crazy.
 Crowds and crowds of people walked in throughout the show.  The response was fantastic.

Above -- she was just featured in the newest issue of Lonny Magazine in Palmer Weiss's home.  You can find a collection of Lana's work on 1st Dibs.

Above -- Kelly Wearstler's office.  Doesn't her art make the whole room?!

Alright guys... I can't keep it in,... LG may or may not be one of my best friends, and she may or may not be my boyfriend's sister....  But lets keep that secret between you and me.  ;) 


  1. well, i hope you've snagged a painting or two out of your relationship! if not, start now!

  2. Love her artwork ~ the Purim...stunning!!

  3. great write-up hallie! i had the pleasure of attending the show as well and was super impressed with the variety in her style. her studio itself is inspiring. one of the greatest things that i've found in lana's work is her ability to meet someone, or walk in a room that will be the art's home and then create an amazing piece that "fits"! lana listens to her clients and never lets them down. keep on keepin' on lana bo bana!

    (i may or may not be a friend as well!)

  4. Teala.... you are so right! She just knows what's up!

  5. You guys are ha-larious and so sweet.....I may or may not be Lana Gomez ;) Hallie you did such a wonderful job on this post!! thank you!!!

  6. Love this Hallie, she is so talented. My favorite thing is her bold use of color!!


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