Monday, April 20, 2009


Do me a favor. Stop right now and google "Bargello." Then come back and shoot me an e-mail on how great and fantastically vibrant you think these long-stitched needlepointed patterns are. Jonathan Adler has just designed several color ways of bargello pillows that are on his site - But, sorry Mr. Adler to take away from giving you full credit, but - Bargello is a needlepoint stitch that usually tends to have a flame inspired look to it and has been around for decades.... even longer for that matter. But it is coming back.
I was speaking to my grandmother and aunt last week - and my Aunt Andie has stitched several bargello pillows. They are pretty cool. They can be all different colors, or even monotone - with just several shades of 1 color. I'm kind of stuck on my dining chairs right now - and part of me would love a bargello patterned back for the chairs. Now that would be stunning.
grand bargello bed bargello pillow on white sofa


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