Monday, April 20, 2009

Ikat Fabric

The chair above is a Kelly Wearstler design - I love the piping! designed by Madeline Weibrib
This is so fresh and fun! I love the use of solid fabric
to tie the whole look together.

Ikat Fabric. Beautiful, bold, vibrant colors. That was all I really knew. Ikat originates from India, South America and Asia. It's a style of weaving that uses a resist dye process (similar to tie-dying). The dyed threads are weaved together to make a pattern. They can symbolize power, status, and wealth.
So - now you know the background - It truly is stunning, and it is showing up everywhere. Kelly Wearstler has been inspired by it, and has used it in several different areas. I think it looks great on a Louis XIV chair with nail heads. I am considering putting a turquoise based Ikat fabric on the backs of my dining chairs as well.
If you are a bit fearful of such a bold print, they do come in more subdued colorways, or you can accent with pillows, or placemats/napkins for beautiful place-setting decor.


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