Monday, April 20, 2009

Palm Springs

In Palm Springs there is a shop inside The Galleria on Palm Canyon Drive called Bon Vivante and it is fantastic! Everytime I walk into this shop I leave with the most perfect piece for the most perfect price. Nothing is outlandishly expensive, but nor is it cheap. When you walk in - you feel like you have walked into the best secret gem in the world and hope no one else is coming in when you are there! (I am not really good with sharing space).
James is the owner and buyer for this shop and he is the coolest guy. Everytime I walk in, I make sure to ask a ton of questions because I just want to learn and he is a wealth of knowledge - he knows so much of the background information on so many of these designers - it makes you appreciate it more. He really has the whole Hollywood Regency vibe down pat - I asked him if Kelly Wearstler has ever popped in. "Of course she has!!"
There is a wall full of just gorgeous glass (see the picture above). Blenko... Viking... Amberina... Morano... (I want 4 of the large genie style bottles in turquoise to go under my chandelier in the dining room) He has tons and tons (and tons) of gold vintage mini Owls, and great ceramic pieces.
457 N. Palm Canyon Drive


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