Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monogram it!

Don't you think these pink chairs would look amazing with monogramming on
them, or even a beautiful monogrammed image or needlepoint? Chic.

I love monogrammed items. I think it gives flair, ownership, originality, and adds personality. I love it on furniture - whether it be on the back or front of a chair, or on bedding and linens.

To me, monogramming doesn't just have to be initials. I was thinking of monogramming a white duvet for my bed with "Hal" (which is my nickname) in the center. Or taking a set of pillow cases and monogramming it to say "Good Night" and "Sweet Dreams." Or Whatever you would like it to say.

Dinnerware is also another great place to monogram. Check out for some awesome and vibrantly fun plates and accessories (see above for a few samples from them).


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