Friday, April 17, 2009

Moroccan Poufs

I don't know if you have noticed - but I have been seeing the Moroccan Poufs (by John Derian) everywhere! And the more I see them the more I like them. They come in awesome colors (try every color in the rainbow... plus some...) and metallics! They are such a great piece - great for kids to lay on, extra seating, a neat structure, a foot rest, whatever your needs are. Kelly Wearstler uses a baby blue one in one of her children's rooms. Then there is a lilac one on the cover of Elle Decor's May 2009 issue. My Aunt Andie even has a red one in her den. Also, they are being copied (look at my post from yesterday from the Pouf at Urban Outfitters). You can check out


  1. too expencive from John derian, on ebay for less and hight style and authentic.

  2. high style poufs for less import from morocco.

  3. try Bohemia for a great range of Moroccan pouffes & at a great price -


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