Thursday, April 23, 2009

Curtis Jere - who?

S0, Who is Curtis Jere?

My coffee table is a copy of a C. Jere sculpture. I hunted and hunted for something original and not wood. Classic, yet dramatic - something I would want to have for many years.

So - Who is Curtis Jere? Jere was a sculptor who used brass, iron and different types of metals to form art, wall decor, sculptures, and furniture. He was extremely popular in the late 60s and 70s and with the surge of popularity in Hollywood Regency and Retro Modern, Jere is something that you will come across. A great selection is at
Jere is most known for his metal wall sculptures, like those of birds, bicycles, and bridges. There are several copies you can find that are at lower prices, even search ebay.

This is my coffee table. It needs a rug under there. I am considering a faux zebra skin. It could look cool. If anyone is looking for a cool faux zebra or cow hide - contact me, I have a great source but don't want to blast his cell number out.


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