Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inspiration Sunday

Each Sunday I will be blogging about some inspiring rooms I have seen over the week. The rooms for this week have hits of color that I am just falling for!! They also have strong architectural substance - see the molding in the image below, and the hand-painted molding design in Steven Miller's pink room. Also, see the great use of lighting and hardware many of these rooms use. It's all in the details!!

For some reason or another - these rooms made me smile! Enjoy!

DP Riehl sitting room. Lily Pulitzer threw up in here, and I love it. Off to the golf course I go!

Interior Designer, Vanessa De Vargas from designed this room with such flair and interest and still keeping a soft color palette. I adore the chinoise/bamboo style chandelier and the zebra print chairs as glammed up accents.

Another room from Vanessa De Vargas and I love it. Couldn't you picture your self having the best night's sleep!? I love the symmetry of this room, the use of orange to add punch for table lamps and how she didn't hang the art work, but rested them on the back of the end tables.

This girl's room was designed by Steven Miller and is the epitome of girls fun and PINK! I love the silhouette pillows being pink and white, instead of the typical black and white. The 2 long bolster pillows are great too. Another plus - this bed looks super easy to make. Which is a definite bonus for the parents! I adore the white framing painted on the wall (very inexpensive to do!) And the toile chair in lilac and pink.

This room was desinged by the design team at Devecote in Conneticut. This is high glam at its best. I love the use of hot pink and zebra. There are a lot of bold pieces in this room - but none of them fight for center stage. You've got the pink, the zebra, then the 2 gold lamps, the naked male structure, the horse head, and the gold chandelier. BUT - it works!


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