Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Animals Everywhere!

With the economical issues, depression and job loss woes - no wonder people are adding fun and charismatic pieces to their home decor for laughter and not so much serious-ness. Kitsch is in! Accents that make you do a double-take are what its about. Lose the serious candle sticks, and put a huge elephant garden stool in the room! Find pieces that make you laugh and love coming home to. room designed by Jonathan Adler.
I adore this foyer. It is so happy and inviting! This room is also designed by Jonathan Adler. Adler has such a playful esthetic! It's brilliant, poppy, and makes everyone smile! This elephant is fantastic - and can serve as a side table in a bedroom or living room! These chairs are great. I wowould like to shine up the brass ram heads as much as possible, and then paint the wood a high-gloss black and re-upholster with a fabric that has notes of metallic bronze and gold color threads to match up with the ram heads/ these peacock figurines are pretty brilliant! These would be beautiful on a coffee table, and imagine the fabrics you could pair with these. I adore this owl! He makes me smile! And that is the point!! :)


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